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Digital Janitors

Digital Janitors Now Available on Steam and

Digital Janitors is an action-packed desktop defense game where hackers have taken your employer’s network hostage, which means the player must go to each computer in the company, excise the virus, and beat the hacker threat. Digital Janitors is being developed by Tired Turtle Games LLC.

I co-founded Tired Turtle Games with a group of six peers during our second year at Drexel. I manage the business documentation and social media marketing for the project.

As a team, we were accepted into the Entrepreneurial Game Studio (EGS), a development studio focused on support for game developers at Drexel. Once in EGS, we formed an incubator team that received mentorship from industry veterans.

In the Summer of 2020, Digital Janitors won the Game Development World Championship Weekly Fan Vote and a Fan Favorite Finalist.

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Social Media Launch Campaign Project

GDWC Digital Janitors Page (click icon)

EGS Website (click icon)

For the launch of Digital Janitors, I was the primary marketer for the team. To keep track of posting progress and the success rates for posting, I track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a weekly basis.


The main data points I highlight are the number of wishlists for the game (since these indicate the highest potential for a new user of the game), the number of followers so that I can understand the audience reach our posts have, and eventually the number of sales.

Below you can find two graphs detailing the KPIs for the launch campaign of the game.

This graph details the numbers across the entirety of my KPI tracking for Digital Janitors


This graph details the KPI tracking for the weeks encompassing launch until the end date of this campaign phase, starting the week of August 30th, 2021, and ending the week of November 29th, 2021.

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