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Laundry Day

Play Laundry Day Here

Laundry Day follows Socky as they search of their other half, a matching sock, in their new home.


Players must solve puzzles and interact with silly characters to move through the house in search of the elusive laundry basket, home to their other half.


This vertical slice was developed with a team of 8 over a 10 week period. The goal of the project was to create a game that utilized the environment to affect the player character and have an easily scalable project for further development.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Lead production for a team of 8 over 10 weeks of development

  • Tracked project progress via Excel

  • Created original game design and narrative

  • Lead weekly sprint check-ins with supplemental meeting notes

  • Coordinated tasks and communication between all departments on the team

  • Organized and ran playtesting events at each milestone build

Laundry Day Trailer

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