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MetaHuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator Available Here

MetaHuman Creator is a digital character creation tool utilizing Unreal Engine.

While at Epic Games, I was a Production Coordinator on the MetaHuman team. My responsibilities included asset management, outsourcing coordination, character updates, marketing spotlights, and modular pipeline updates.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Lead production on digital preset character updates with a team of 6 international artists for version releases

  • Managed relations, contracts, and deliveries for 3 vendors across the team through performance metrics and project management KPIs

  • Proposed and implemented team-wide documentation strategies

  • Kickstarted features for MetaHuman Creator to improve overall fidelity

  • Produced 2 marketing initiatives across the MetaHuman team and marketing team at Epic

  • Coordinated with legal team for all art and contract approvals

MetaHuman Trailer

Blue Dot Spotlight - Produced with Marketing Team

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