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Firmware Infirmary

Play Firmware Infirmary Here

In the near future, cybernetic enhancements have become mainstream. A small population dares to go even further, getting extra-anatomical cybernetics that go far beyond just enhancing the body.

You play as a mechanic working out of the Night District, where extra-anatomical performers light up the stages. An unknown disease begins spreading through this community, and as panic spreads, you’re the only mechanic left who will repair, replace, and fix their cybernetics.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Lead production for a team of 12 for a 7 months of development

  • Tracked project progress via Shotgrid, ClickUp, and Excel

  • Lead weekly sprint check-ins with supplemental meeting notes

  • Ensured project schedule and milestones were on track

  • Coordinated tasks and communication between all departments on the team

  • Organized and ran playtesting events at each milestone build

  • Presented the project to an audience of 100+ people


Firmware Infirmary Trailer

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