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Dating App UI

Made with Figma

I created a dating app layout as both a personal challenge and a way to create improvements that I felt existing dating apps lacked.

My main focus for the design was to make it easier for users to understand what type of relationship other users were looking for, while also removing the burden of thinking of an opening message.

To do this, I emphasised the visual aspect of the app and designed a way for prompted messages to integrate into the chat of users.


Dating app screen map

For my design process, I created a user persona for an app user. Based on what their needs and wants for the app were, I began blocking out simple screens.

One of the key items I included was a filter system with buttons for users to include basic info, such as what type of relationship they were looking for, their sexuality, and their pronouns. This would serve as a filtering system for the proposed match-making algorithm and as a visual indication to potential matches.


After I finalized my user persona and dating profile, I began expanding on the dating app, including the matching and messaging areas.

In the matching area, users are able to quickly see what type of relationship other users are looking for through a badge icon system. In addition to this, they can view biographies, location, filters and easily say yes or no to potential matches


I then finalized my design in Figma which you can view below.

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