Game Projects

Digital Janitors

Digital Janitors is a desktop defense game in the style of an old-school PC. A hacker has taken your employer's network hostage and players must stop them before it's too late.

I am the business developer for Digital Janitors and its LLC, Tired Turtle Games. I create documentation and marketing campaigns for the game. 

Monochrome RPG

Monochrome RPG is a stylized cartoon adventure focused on exploring the political and societal struggles of the city of entertainment, Vaudeville.

I worked as an Executive Manager for the developer, DVNC Tech. I created level designs, documentation, and organized marketing for the game. 


StratosFarm is a tower defense game. Players are a rain cloud and must grow and protect crops from hungry bunnies. 


I was one of the project managers and drafted the UI elements for the game.

Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum is an educational game I helped create with Shane Tupler. The game consists of multiple levels that the player must traverse according to color theory.

I created the sprites, sprite animations, and helped design the level layout for the game.