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Skyrim UI

Made with Photoshop and InVision

Skyrim is one of my favorite games, but its menus make the game almost unbearable. They're simple and utilize a nice black and white contrast, but for a game as extensive as itself, its original user interface does not cut it.

I decided to redesign the menu layout with a few key factors in mind: it had to be simple, but detailed, items had to be categorized, and there needed to be some sort of color added to the overall design.


The original UI of Skyrim

For my design process, I created a basic flowchart detailing how I wanted the new menus to flow with one another, maximizing efficiency.


I then created color palettes based on screenshots from the game

UI Flowchart.png

After creating the general workflow and design aspects for my UI redesign, I began testing layouts and functionality.

My main goal was to create a menu that gave greater context to inventory items and included an easier way to scroll through each item, which I tested out through a vertically oriented design that utilized scrolling and a horizontal design that used page functionality.

After testing the designs with peers, I created the fully functional UI design below.

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